Expressive Art and Design

We provide everything your child needs for an impressive art education solution during their nursery life


Expressive Art & Design at Early Explorers

Expressive art and design is one of the 7 areas of the early years foundation stage and is used to develop a child’s imagination, creativity, and their ability to use media and materials.

Children are given opportunities to explore colors, textures, and designs.

Other approaches to expressive arts are children engaging in singing songs, dancing and making music. Expressive arts help children to represent and understand their own feelings and ideas while being imaginative. Thereby enhancing their holistic well-being.

We provide our children with a wide range of open-ended resources to develop their imagination and encourage flexible thinking. Our Educators motivate children to take pride in their ideas and creations so that they want to share and explain their thinking.

At Early Explorers, we explicitly model creative thinking and behavior through our expressive arts and design curriculum.

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Individualized care

Our nursery programme includes:


Our Programme

We have designed our curriculum to give parents confidence in every aspect of their child’s experience with the full support of our passionate educators. We educate every child through head, hands and heart, while instilling the characteristic of effective learning.

Signature practices

Our World at Early Explorers curriculum includes Signature Practices that offer hands-on approaches to encourage the skills your child will need at nursery and beyond:


Splish Splash

Offers multiple learning opportunities and cross-curricular links with waves of fun.

Eco & sensory garden

Encouraging a natural love of nature through an enriching sensory space. We enable children’s curiosity to grow.


Our children are thinkers, inventors, and designers using real tools and materials to tinker, construct, explore and create all kinds of inventions.

Play to Learn

Our bespoke approach to learning aims to create thinkers and doers by putting the child at the center of their own development and education. Play is at its best when planned purposefully enhancing and building essential learning skills such as critical thinking, creative skills and social development which are the foundations of lifelong learners. Through play, we nurture children’s imagination and curiosity and give them a sense of adventure. Encouraging children to voice their curiosity is an important part of Early Explorers.


Our world at Early Explorers includes our imaginative environment and signature practices that offers hands-on approaches to encourage the skills your child will need for lifelong learning.


Our enabling environments both indoors and outdoors allow children to be actively playing, thinking critically and developing the skills they need to become independent thinkers and strong communicators. Our bespoke environments enable active learning where children concentrate and keep on trying, even when they encountered difficulties, and enjoy their achievements. We have carefully chosen numerous open-ended authentic resources for our children to explore that are in line with our curriculum approach. We provide natural resources and set up environments/activities that reflect real-life experiences.


we meet kids where they are.