About Us

Early Explorers will be the flagship nursery of Scholars International Group, a Dubai based school group that has been educating children in the UAE for the last 45 years.

Located within the flagship community of Al Zahia in Sharjah, Early Explorers seeks to redefine the quality of early years education in the Emirate of Sharjah. 

Purpose-built, supported by high quality resources and open spaces and facilitated by qualified staff, Early Explorers encourages children to actively engage in their own learning creating a joy and love of learning that will develop and stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Nursery Environment

Our classrooms are bespoke environments that support a warm and welcoming atmosphere, facilitating and encouraging children to develop at their own pace. Children’s learning will be enhanced through the use of open-ended play materials, loose parts and authentic resources.

Daycare, we have carefully chosen numerous open-ended authentic resources for our children to explore that are in line with our curriculum approach. We provide natural resources and set up environments/activities that reflect real-life experiences.


Our community

Whether we’re close to home or near the office, our nurseries are ideal for busy working families and easy to get to – for pick-up and drop-off or to stop in for a visit whilst you shop.