Jessica Borja

Born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines, Jessica holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (BECED) degree. Having served as a teaching assistant for over six and a half years, Jessica has gained valuable insights and honed her skills in the field of early childhood education. She holds various credentials, including certificates for employee of the year, MNR, Continuous Professional Development Program (CPD), Hamilton Training First Aid, seminars for teaching, and a Certificate of Completion Benchmark Assessments Training K-4 from Clarion School. Her focus lies in nurturing and maximizing the potential of each child in her care. In her leisure time, Jessica enjoys engaging in reflection, exercise, and listening to music, which helps her rejuvenate and approach her role with enthusiasm.

Lea Labodit

Hailing from Camarines Sur, Philippines, and a loving mother of two, Lea brings over a decade of experience as a Community Secretary and Day Care teacher in her home country, followed by nine years in the education sector, with four years in school and five years in nurseries in the UAE. With a Bachelor of Science and Secondary Education (PEHM) major, along with certifications in “Teaching Assistant” and a KHDA-approved Diploma in “Childcare Education of Young Children,” Lea possesses a strong foundation in early childhood development. Her love for teaching and crafting engaging activities ensures that the little ones under her care experience joy and growth in their early learning journey.


Rosalyn De Guzman

Meet Rosalyn De Guzman, our dedicated support teacher at Early Explorers Nursery. With an impressive 15 years of experience working with children in various nurseries across Dubai, Rosalyn has earned accolades for her outstanding performance. Her warm and loving nature makes her a favorite among children, and her strong rapport with parents reflects her commitment to creating a supportive nursery environment. Having called Dubai home for 15 years, Rosalyn understands the local culture and values that shape our community. She received her secondary diploma in the Philippines, demonstrating her commitment to education. Rosalyn is known for her exceptional work ethic, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that every child under her care is happy and thriving.