Dubai Scholars_Best British Curriculum School in Dubai

Ad Astra Per Aspera

As a distinguished British curriculum school in the UAE, Dubai Scholars has been a trailblazer in affordable education since 1976. Our students consistently rate among the top percentiles globally for the IGCSEs, A Levels and other academic examinations. Academic achievement at Dubai Scholars is paired with a creative performing arts and visual arts program to provide students with opportunities to grow and develop in many areas of interest and talent.

Delivering an extended and enriched National Curriculum of England and Wales (British curriculum), Dubai Scholars educates over 2000 students from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 13. The school is an Edexcel authorized school and a member of British Schools of the Middle East.

As a British curriculum school, Dubai Scholars provides a truly exceptional education, fostering well-rounded, life-long learners, and achievers among its students.