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day, we work to empower your child.

The Early Explorers Daycare supports working parents with an alternative to home care within a structured learning environment.

With the new school week dual working parents can now find an after-school provision that takes care of the onus of looking after your child . We do so within a holistic and high quality learning environment that supports each child to reach their highest potential.

The Early Explorer Daycare will integrate two sections to the day with the choice of two pick up times to give our parents the flexibility to suit their schedules without the added stress.


unique learning environment

sparks physical growth and discovery while our creative programme, which combines the traditional and the progressive, supports each student’s growth.

Engaging & Enhancing activities

Project based learning

Active Afternoons


Explorers Daycare believe

in the importance of play-based learning as a fundamental process of learning and development.

Play provides an opportunity for children to come to terms with themselves, their culture and language, with other people and the world, and to make sense of real-life situations. 


we meet kids where they are.


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