The Importance of Parent-Teacher Communication in Early Childhood Education

The early years of a child’s life are crucial for their development, and it’s essential for parents and teachers to work together to ensure that young children receive the best possible education. Effective communication between parents and teachers is critical for achieving this goal. Here are some reasons why parent-teacher communication is so important in early childhood education: 1. Understanding the child’s needs: Effective communication between parents and teachers helps ensure that everyone involved in a child’s education is aware

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Achievement: How to Parent and Teach without the Pressure

Each child in a family, in a classroom, in the world is one-of-a-kind. Each child has an inner self full of dreams and interests, and an outer self that they present in the classroom and the world. The amount to which we value that inner self in the context of family and school can directly shape a child’s sense of purpose, self-esteem and ultimately, success in this highly competitive world. For parents, this can mean that we learn to separate

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Reading out loud to develop well-read children

In their early years, being read to provides children with life-long benefits. What we are starting to see happening with children’s books today is that the descriptive words are more complex and when combined with fantastic illustrations provide the children with a 360 experience, the benefits of which lead to the following: Development of phonemic awareness Development of a rich vocabulary Use of correct grammar More articulate oral communication Enhanced creativity An understanding of people, cultures, and places beyond their

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Block Play – Critical Thinking

Oh, that’s how that works—wow! Your FS1 (3 -4 years old) inquisitive little mind is going ten million miles an hour as they start putting together all the information that they’ve gathered about the world during toddlerhood, from motion and body movements to using new materials and supplies to craft something unique. Block Play At Little Explorers, blocks are a very big part of our continuous provision. They offer an open-ended, creative and valuable learning experience. It also offers children

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21st Century skills

Our holistic approach to every child is where we build the foundations for future learning. It is all about developing skills that are very relevant in an ever-changing world. This 21st-century approach to early childhood looks to transform nursery practice for our youngest children, bringing curiosity, awe and wonder into Early Childhood and creating those thinkers and doers of the future. We aim to instill a lifelong love of learning while empowering our youngest children to become active learners, critical

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