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Reading out loud to develop well-read children

In their early years, being read to provides children with life-long benefits. What we are starting to see happening with children’s books today is that the descriptive words are more complex and when combined with fantastic illustrations provide the children with a 360 experience, the benefits of which lead to the following:

  • Development of phonemic awareness
  • Development of a rich vocabulary
  • Use of correct grammar
  • More articulate oral communication
  • Enhanced creativity
  • An understanding of people, cultures, and places beyond their immediate environment
  • In fact reading to children has proven to have unparalleled benefits to such a degree that the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a new policy recently encouraging doctors to share these benefits with parents

What we observe is that as children enter their teenage years, which are a critical time in their development, they start to participate actively in reading aloud and the benefits of reading aloud increase. This process enables them to build confidence in the use of language to express their emotions and find the strategies to handle social situations and conflicts.

Ultimately, reading aloud to young children establishes a life-long love of books, active learning and culture which is an important part of a well-rounded education.